The Day Before Gameplay Looks Eerily Similar to a CoD Zombies Trailer

The Day Before, an upcoming zombie game and shooter, recently released its long-promised and highly anticipated gameplay. However, since The Day Before’s release date has been postponed until later this year, online communities have noticed that some of the footage eerily resembles Call of Duty Zombies trailers.

Developer Fntastic released some The Day Before gameplay recently, and it’s been noted that quite a few of the cinematic shots from the footage look very similar to a Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Zombies reveal trailer.

The Day Before gameplay opens with a few quick cinematic shots: one hovers the camera above some grates, another sees someone with a gun bathed in red light, and the third shows a first-person perspective in a dark room with another character going through a doorway. Shots very reminiscent of these can be seen in the Call of Duty Zombies trailer too, with even the camera movements being almost identical.

The Day Before footage was released this week, while the Call of Duty trailer premiered in September 2020. Below are images comparing the two; we put The Day Before at the top, and Call of Duty underneath.

The Day Before gameplay looks eerily similar to a CoD Zombies trailer The Day Before gameplay looks eerily similar to a CoD Zombies trailer The Day Before gameplay looks eerily similar to a CoD Zombies trailer

The rest of The Day Before’s ten-minute trailer is the “raw gameplay footage” promised by Fntastic, which features a lot of jogging around a desolate cityscape, finding resources, and avoiding the undead.

This is not the same as seeing ‘clones’ of major franchises like Tencent’s game accused of being very similar to World of Warcraft, as in this case, it comes down to using similar cinematography for the original The Day Before footage, but it is striking when multiple examples look almost identical to those found in another individual trailer.

You can see some more comparisons from Twitter user Chroma, who found the examples we’ve mentioned above. You can find The Day Before gameplay trailer here, and the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies trailer here as well.

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