The Dwarf Fortress Soundtrack Has Dwarvish Lyrics, and It Slaps

The original soundtrack for Dwarf Fortress, as its creators explain, was simply Tarn Adams “noodling around on the guitar.” It’s an instantly recognisable tune for anyone who’s played the Dwarven city builder, but the Steam edition is going to include a much more lavish soundtrack, which Kitfox Games and the Adams brothers have previewed in a new video.

The new Dwarf Fortress soundtrack has been composed and recorded by Omar ‘Dabu’ Dabbous (whose work has appeared in indie games like Boyfriend Dungeon, GNOG, and Winding Worlds) and Simon Swerwer, who’s been making Dwarf Fortress songs for over a decade. Swerwer also contributed to the SoundSense utility for the original version of Dwarf Fortress.

You can check out the announcement here:

Some of the songs include lyrics in the Dwarvish language, as the brothers explain. They all sound appropriately ancient and have a folkish mystery about them – perfect for a game about forging a civilisation and delving deeper and deeper into the earth.

Give ‘Food and Industry’ a listen in the video above – it’s a genuine banger.

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