The latest Stalker 2 Trailer Takes You Into the Noosphere

The long-awaited second instalment of the Stalker series, Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl, has a new trailer that provides some facts about the plot and characters. (Opens in new tab) Today, the Come to Me trailer appeared on the YouTube channel of the game’s creator, GSC Game World. Naturally, this article will contain spoilers for both the original games and the trailer.

The trailer opens with a scene that may well take place during the event that caused The Zone to occur, establishing the mind-controlled Monolith faction. Other scenes show Zone exploration, including throwing bolts into anomalies and using anomaly detectors, overlaid with narration by various characters. It closes on a speech by a blind man who appears to be some kind of religious fanatic.

“You cannot kill God, just like you cannot get rid of the sky above,” a narrator says.

The first real lines we get, however, drive right into the mysterious experiments that took place in The Zone where the original Stalker trilogy were set. “After years of work, a group of scientists managed to tap into the Noosphere – the Earth’s informational field,” it says. The fictional, pseudoscientific Noosphere is a concept that a psychic field of some kind exists containing the higher thoughts—the ability to reason—of people and creatures on earth. Reckless Experiments on the Noosphere caused the disaster that created the Second Exclusion Zone in Chornobyl, where the first games were set.

This the first new trailer we’ve seen in a while, and it looks quite far along in terms of showing us slices from the story. We know quite a bit about Stalker 2—you can find everything we know about Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl right here.(opens in new tab)

EIther way, the biggest news about Stalker 2 so far this year has been the delay to a 2023 release. Developer GSC Game World is based in Ukraine, a nation which is currently under attack by Russia. It has since relocated some operations to Prague, in Czechia, and the studio says no further delays are anticipated(opens in new tab).

It is however inevitable that the war will take a personal toll on GSC’s developers. Just last week former GSC developer Volodymyr Yezhov, who worked at GSC on Stalker: Clear Sky, died in combat, as acknowledged by the Stalker Twitter account(opens in new tab). He was buried on the 27th of December, reports Sky News(opens in new tab).

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