Tower of Fantasy Characters Are Basically Marvel’s Human Torch

Players can now build “abnormally luminous” MMORPG personas who literally blind everyone around them because to a new problem with Tower of Fantasy characters. Hotta has strictly clamped down on this strange new trend after a flood of avatars with celestial appearances.

You may be wondering what this looks like in practice – fair enough, I did too. Effectively, the character creator lets you adjust the brightness setting on your character’s hair colour, and any neon elements of their outfit, but fans have taken this to the extreme.

Currently, players are downloading preset avatars that are already channelling some serious Human Torch vibes, then moulding them to fit their own persona. While this seems relatively harmless, the bright colours do start to hurt your eyes after a while – trust me, I tried it, and it’s horrible.

You can see how both the more moderate and extreme versions of the glowing characters look in this video, but we don’t advise doing this yourself because Hotta is removing the feature.

While I’m not particularly photosensitive (I do take migraines, though), the bug is absolute hell on earth for anyone who is, so Hotta has been quick to roll out a hotfix.

“We have recently observed that some Wanderers have adjusted their appearances by unconventional means, resulting in an abnormal glow effect in the game, which has a negative impact on others. We will fix this with a hotfix update this week,” it writes in a December 14 blog post.

For those who have made use of the glitch, Hotta warns “After the update, abnormal glowing effects will no longer be displayed in the game. Wanderers who have adjusted their appearance by unconventional methods may still see abnormal lighting effects or other errors in the appearance interface after the update.”

Any issues with your character post-hotfix can be solved by “modifying the appearance to the normal configuration in the game,” but in the run up to the hotfix we’d avoid turning your character into a walking glowstick.

Instead, you can check out our list of all of the available Tower of Fantasy codes to score yourself some new, upgraded gear, or all of the upcoming Tower of Fantasy banners if you want to replace your glowing character with a cool new one.

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