Tower of Fantasy Halloween Skins Are Giving Fans Gachapon Vibes

The Halloween skins for Tower of Fantasy may be ideal for aficionados of the spooky season, but players have been perplexed by how much the new goods cost in the anime game. Celebrating all things autumnal in style, the Tower of Fantasy Halloween event features an adorable bat-themed skin for robotic companion, Mi-a, as well as some formal black and red attire for your male and female avatar.

Sporting a red and navy lolita-style dress with black thigh high socks and a wide-brimmed hat, the female outfit is reminiscent of Victorian vampire literature, with the male’s skin channelling the seductiveness of a Vampire: The Masquerade Toreador.

A few other cosmetics are also available, but the skins are the real headliner. Unfortunately, fans aren’t particularly impressed by how much they’ll need to spend to get them, though, slamming the games inaugural seasonal event.

“Their Halloween event is gachapon too with the obligatory 0.12% rate,” reads one thread on the game’s official subreddit, borrowing an image from a YouTube video by AltF4 (be aware the video is in Russian).

“No Hotta, you can’t cheat me out of my Dark Crystals before Saki arrives on global,” writes one, referring to one of the new Tower of Fantasy characters that accompanied the 2.0 update. Another simply comments that the Halloween event’s monetisation is “no surprise.”

What is odd, though, is the fact the devs have included an upskirt shot of the female outfit – something that, I won’t lie, made my skin crawl slightly. “Hotta actually put the upskirt shot as a selling point,” writes one fan, with another stating “they really know their audience.”

As someone who has been playing the game since the beginning, the event’s low drop rate and rather bizarre marketing is a little disappointing. However, it is a gacha game and that’s what you sign up for. I do agree with the comments that Mi-a is the winner here – just look at those cute little bat hair clips!

If the cyberpunk world of Aida has caught your attention, it’s worth checking out our Tower of Fantasy tier list to make sure you’re up to date with the best Simulacra coming into the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update. We also chatted to the devs about upcoming character events in the style of Aida Cafe and, guess what folks, the future looks bright.

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