Valheim Update Will Make Sorting Your Loot Easier Than Ever

Update on Valheim to come The co-op Viking survival game Hildir’s Quest promises to add a number of useful new tools, and the game’s lead developer shares a clip of one particularly welcome addition that is expected to make sorting out all your lovely loot much faster in the future.

Whether it’s meat from the hunt, a selection of your spare tools, some hefty stacks of black marble from the Valheim Mistlands biome, or precious trophies claimed from defeating the toughest bosses in each zone, storing your materials and treasure is essential. You’ve only got so much inventory space to keep hold of things, after all!

If you’re like me, then you’ll be incredibly meticulous about putting every item in its correct spot, and making sure that you gather items of a given type together with one another. Actually trying to keep track of what goes where and put everything away in the right chest can be a bit of a time sink, though, so this latest update is fantastic news.

Valheim senior developer Jonathan Smårs shares the new ‘stack all’ feature on Twitter, which is planned to come as part of the Hildir’s Quest patch. It’s a feature that will be familiar to many fans of other sandbox games such as Terraria, and will instantly deposit everything from your inventory into the chest if there’s already at least one of that item stored in there.

Smårs confirms that the feature “will try to make all stacks of everything already in the chest if there is enough room,” so it’ll take as much as you have in your inventory as long as it can fit it into the chest. Now all we need is the ability to quick stack directly from our inventories to all nearby chests at once Terraria-style – Jonathan, if you read this, please consider this my gracious request!

Valheim update Hildir’s Quest – screenshot showing the new ‘stack all’ option on the chest inventory
Regardless, this is a fantastic quality of life addition that will certainly be very welcomed by the community. Hildir’s Quest is set to release ahead of the next Valheim biome, the Ashlands, and includes the addition of difficulty settings and a stylish new Valheim helmet setting that allows you to see your hair.

If you’re just getting started, take a look at our Valheim beginner’s guide. If you’re a bit more of a veteran player, then check out all the Vaheim console commands to make the most of your adventure, and this Valheim cooking mod for plenty of Norse-themed delights.

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