VALORANT Gaming PC’s Custom Light Show Gets Riot Seal of Approval

For players of Riot’s renowned first-person shooter, a Valorant gaming PC is a dream come true, and one player has customised their lighting arrangement to correspond with the action in-game. They not only won over the hearts of the entire fanbase, but also the developers.

Valorant has quickly become one of the most popular FPS games on the market since its release over two years ago. Riot Games’ first premiere title outside of League of Legends has grown a massive community of tactical shooter fans who have grown to love both the sprawling maps as well as the dynamic Agents Riot has dropped since initial launch.

To celebrate their appreciation for the game, one Valorant player has taken their fandom for the game to the next level and fully incorporated the game into their PC setup. Reddit user ChachiJuarez posted a the Valorant subreddit a video of a program they’ve been working on that syncs gameplay from the shooter with their entire PC setup.

In the title of the post, they said “I’m working on a program that fully integrates Valorant with my lighting, keyboard, and mouse. Here’s what the spike being planted looks like.” In the video, as the spike is being planted, their LED lights flash red along with their mouse and keyboard, creating an incredible yet slightly scary urgent effect that surely immerses them mid-game.

The difficulty of getting their entire setup to work together stunned viewers, and Juarez explained exactly how they did it, “I thought it’d be fun to try to make a program that was as minimally invasive as possible to the game. All it does is essentially take a ‘screenshot’ every 50 ms, and then look at certain pixels on the UI for any color changes to detect in-game events.”

The light show was so impressive that even a Valorant developer was floored. premium content team dev Heyyousam praised their work in the comment section, “This is insanely awesome! Talk about being immersed in Valorant! I’m a nervous player and this would probably make me sweat more than I already do and miss shots. Nonetheless, this is amazing!”

Although the program Juarez created to connect the lights together was impressive, it also might be too intense for every player to handle. If you are looking to dive into Valorant, here’s everything you need to know about Episode 5 Act 2, as well as the best Valorant crosshairs and codes.

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