WoW Dragonflight Hunter Changes Totally Overhaul Talent Trees

During the expansion’s beta, significant improvements were made to WoW Dragonflight. Class talent trees, which have been absent from the retail version of the well-known MMORPG for years, are making a number of modifications in the Dragonflight beta. The Hunter is the most recent class to receive attention, and the alterations are quite significant.

In Blizzard’s latest batch of changes, the Hunter class got a ton of alterations. In the base class tree, Nesingwary’s Trapping Apparatus spell has been completely removed, and replaced with Serrated Shots. Sentinel Owl has been moved up one row, and Sentinel’s Wisdom has been altered to grant your party five percent leech and ten percent magic damage reduction while Sentinel Owl is active.

On top of that, Binding Shot has been changed to now be a three-second stun. The final change for the base Class Tree is a new one point talent called Entrapment. When your Tar Trap is activated, all enemies in the Tar Trap’s area are rooted for four seconds. This root can break from taking damage and can be dispelled with magic.

For Beast Mastery, Wailing Arrow’s silence was lowered from five to three seconds, and the tooltip clarifies it silences only non-player targets. Also, the pet damage reduction from Animal Companion now no longer reduces damage dealt by other summoned creatures.

Marksmanship was targeted for very small changes. Once again, Lone Wolf and Hunter’s Knowledge have swapped spots in the talent tree. Marksmanship also gets the same changes to Wailing Arrow as Beast Mastery.

These updates are always subject to change, as Dragonflight is still in beta without a concrete release date revealed yet. With so much time from now until launch, Hunter players will continue to provide Blizzard with feedback on their favorite DPS class.

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