WWE’s the Undertaker is in Rainbow Six Siege and Looks Absurdly Good

The game with the most unconventional crossovers is Rainbow Six Siege, out of all the games. This new Rainbow Six Siege operators DLC bundle that collaborates with WWE is another intriguing example because they frequently make no sense. Nier and Rainbow Six Siege were involved at first, and now The Undertaker and Becky Lynch are involved.

Two new cosmetic bundles for Rainbow Six Siege based on WWE Superstars are available as of January 12, 2023, as operators Blackbeard and Thorn can transform into The Undertaker and Becky Lynch, two of the biggest names in professional wrestling.

Each bundle comes with a uniform, headgear, charm, Operator portrait, Operator card background, and weapon skin for each primary weapon, these being the MK17 CQB for Blackbeard and UZK50GI for Thorn.

You can get each operator bundle for 2,160 R6 credits, or both together for 4,080 instead – Ubisoft sells 4920 credits for $34.99 USD / £29.99, if you want some rough indicators of the price.

Outside of videogames based on wrestling properties, the worlds of the interactive medium and sports entertainment actually cross over on a fairly regular basis, as AEW wrestler and gamer Kenny Omega came out to Wrestle Kingdom 17 dressed as Final Fantasy 7’s Sepiroth, One Winged Angel and all.

You can find the Rainbow Six Siege WWE bundle in the game’s store.

If you want more from your tactical Ubisoft shooter, we’ve got a look at the Rainbow Six Siege year 7 roadmap which is set to close out in a couple of months, and a breakdown of the best Rainbow Six Siege operators as well.

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