XBOX July Event will not cover hardware. Only Games

Xbox Games Showcase July Livestream

After the disappointment that XBOX showed us 2 months ago, they promised us a new show, The XBOX Games Showcase July Livestream. And they have this to say about it.

Let’s not get our hopes up about this event anyway. Since almost all companies already put out all of their announcements. I don’t think there is anything left for XBOX to put out there. Even if they will actually show us gameplay this time it will be already too late.

Will The XBOX games showcase July stream feature hardware details about the Xbox Series X?

No. It is pretty obvious that Xbox will not share any more details about their new console. Especially when all the details are already out there. I don’t get why people still wondering about the specs. Yes, it is slightly stronger than the PS5 but that is highly irrelevant since both consoles are more than capable of running the next-gen games.

The stream will be 1 hour long and will be in 1080p quality. But Xbox Promised to upload 4K versions of the trailers or gameplay that they will show us in the Livestream.

When is the Xbox Games Showcase Livestream?

Microsoft will hold its Xbox first-party games showcase on July 23 at 9 AM PT, the company revealed today, confirming a previous rumor. This presentation will focus primarily on Xbox Series X games, including launch title Halo Infinite. However, it’s unclear if the stream will focus exclusively on games from its first-party studios, or if it will also include third-party titles.

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