You Can Vote on Crusader Kings 3’s Next Event Pack

Developer Paradox Interactive is inviting players to vote on their favourite theme out of three options for the upcoming Crusader Kings 3 event pack. The mediaeval grand strategy game will release a significant expansion this year, and the event pack is scheduled for some time afterwards, in the interim between this year’s expansion and the following significant undertaking.

The last event pack was Friends and Foes, and it opened up new complexity for interpersonal relationships in Crusader Kings 3. This next pack will have a similar scale, although the precise focus has yet to be determined.

The developers have narrowed their ideas down to three possible packs:

  • Wards and Wardens would focus on childhood, possibly allowing players to play as a child-ruler or fleshing out the role of being a warden
  • Love and Lust is fairly self-explanatory, offering an “exploration of more intimate relationships” and building out the list of options when it comes to seduction schemes, romance, and being married
  • Villains and Vagabonds would zero in on being dreaded, and using a reputation for being awful in order to get stuff done, which sounds like a lot of fun

Voting is taking place over on the Paradox forums, and runs until January 27 at 2am ET / 7am GMT / 8am CET (January 26 at 11pm Pacific). Note that the names in this list are not final – the folks at Paradox just really enjoy their alliteration.

I had guessed that the Crusader Kings 3 community would go all-in on Love and Lust, but at the time of this writing that option is dead last, with Wards and Wardens sitting in first place with a 135-vote lead. There’s still almost a week and a half left in the poll, however, so things could easily change.

If you’re just getting into the game, check out our thoughts on the Royal Court DLC and why it’s such an essential expansion, or have a look at our list of the best Crusader Kings 3 mods if you want to start tinkering right away.

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