I know this game is old, but guys seriously what the hell is wrong with the alien’s AI, I am really impressed with such intelligence, but don’t let me jump into this section yet and start normally with the story.


Set in 2173, 15 years after the events of the first Alien movie, you play as Amanda Ripley who is the daughter of our movie’s protagonist Ellen Ripley.

Amanda knows from Samuels, who is an android working for Weyland-Yutani corporation, that the flight recorder of her mother’s ship was located by the crew of a salvage vessel called the Anesidora.

So she along side her crew begin their journey.

The story isn’t deep because most of horror games focus more on the atmosphere rather than the story.

I don’t mean that the story is bad or something, it’s just slow in pacing.


I loved how they designed the ships, the Anesidora, Sevastopol station or the Nostromo.

But what caught my eye the most, was the design of the Alien itself, I know it’s based on the same look from the movie and nothing special was added to it in the game. But that’s what am talking about, the direct adaptation of the movie without adding anything new including the alien’s design.

The Alien’s design is a top notch, and scary.

I remember the first time I encountered it I was scared and felt a shiver in my body, I felt the real threat from it, not from android or humans, but why is that?

Let me tell you why, the alien is large, very fast, make loud footsteps sounds while it’s pursuing its prey and the instant he sees you, you are fucked.

But does that mean you can’t defend yourself, you are just running and can’t defend yourself?

Well then to answer your question let’s jump to the gameplay.


The gameplay itself has crafting system, which requires you to find certain ingredients to craft items, that helps you fend off the threats, and also you get your hands on powerful weapons like the shotgun.
But the element of survival comes here, because you have scarce ammo, so you can’t just go guns blazing in the entire stations killing the androids or humans (Not the Alien of course).

There are multiple threats in the whole game.
First there are humans who will start shooting at you the moment they see you.
Then you have the androids which are harder to kill and have more health than humans but they are slower and kill using melee only not ranged fire like the humans.

Last we have the Alien which is simply the worst and strongest enemy of all. Because it’s fast, agile, doesn’t get killed BUT can be scared, and this is the element of defense in this game against it.

At the beginning of the game you are literally helpless while facing the alien and your only salvation is to hide from it, but later in the game you find a powerful element that can scare it, which is Fire.

Using or crafting a Molotov is handy and useful, but a flamethrower is Omnipotent against it, as it’s fast and has more ammo in storage that’s useful more than Molotov

Once the alien sees you, equip the flamethrower and shoot the hell out of it, but beware, the AI, as I said before, is supreme in this game.


The AI of the alien makes it adapt to the fire, meaning the first time you encounter it it takes only 1 hit from the flamethrower to scare it away.
Later it takes 2-3 hits, and each encounter increases the number of hits required to scare it away. Sometimes it doesn’t scare it at all and eventually the alien just starts running and killing you.

Furthermore regarding the AI, the alien is really unanticipated in encounters. Yeah there are tiny little sections where they are scripted, but overall it isn’t.

Encounters in each gameplay is different than the other, because it moves based on its own way and can’t be anticipated at all, hell I even remember it jumping on me while I was saving my game, and sometimes jumping in front of me.

As if not all the agility and speed this thing has is not enough, they make it smart, can kill you from the ceiling vents, follow you in to the vents, and last but not least can kill you with too many different kill animations so that you don’t get bored while getting killed.


I really didn’t feel the score in this game as the music was somehow quite in most sections of the game, and it has to be quiet in order for you to hear the alien’s footsteps or growling.

But what caught my attention was the sound effects, the growling of the alien, the sound of the explosions, the screams of humans, all of them were loud and realistic. And if you played with headphones, believe me you had the best experience this game can give.


Not just this game is a must for the movie fans, but it’s a must for any survival horror fan.

Alien Isolation Review
Can't WAAAAAIT for a sequel
  • Amazing Alien AI
  • The Alien Design is Creepy
  • Cat and Mouse chases
  • Story Slow Pacing
  • Graphics aren't good
  • Forgettable Characters
8Overall Score