Gotchic Horror Dark Souls

So finally after four and half years I decided to play this game and as a souls fan I really enjoyed it, at first I wasn’t impressed because it looked too similar to Dark Souls in almost everything like mechanics, fighting style, upgrading system and other things, but going deeper in the game I began to notice the difference which is the theme itself. Imagine a Dark Souls game but with a gothic Lovercraftian horror theme and that’s what you get, bloodborne.


Set in the Victorian era of London you play as a hunter who tries to cure himself from a serious disease by signing a contract in the city of Yharnam to enter a dream and hunt monsters, this is where the lore begins and everything starts to reveal itself, varying from weapons, runes, monsters, NPCS and other stuff

I loved the city of Yharnam and the lore behind it, it’s very dark and deep, and the NPCS were dark and each one had his own questline which, if followed carefully, you gonna discover one hell of a story behind each.


The Monster Design was top notch and IMO it surpassed Dark Souls’ Monster Design, I liked how they made them gothic like monsters varying from vampires to werewolves and other creepy stuff. The Whole game was creepy and full of eerie moments but the creepiest moment was the encounter with the brain of mensis. Damn the dark area with the brain at its end was creepy as hell, plus the shape of the brain with its eyes was a sight i wish to forget the sooner the better.
At the beginning I didn’t feel the level design was good and each area on its own and not connected to the previous ones, but later on after going deeper and reaching an advanced area you suddenly find yourself in an old place you already visited and you tell yourself “WOW, never thought I would be back here after all what I went through”, and that made the backtracking in the game very satisfying and kinda nostalgic.


The game itself is faster than dark souls and you don’t have a shield to defend yourself and have to always DODGE, you have a pistol on your left hand which is used in staggering the enemies (like Parrying in Dark Souls) but in this game staggering is easier as you can stagger enemies from afar.

Downside of the game is the camera sometimes gives you hard time while fighting enemies specially the bosses as I remember some bosses punished me because the camera was inconsistent.

Another downside is that you can’t upgrade your armor so you have to choose which pieces of armor fits in the fight ahead of you, for example if you are fighting a fire based boss you better equip an armor that has the highest defense values against fire.


The score in the game is very good specially when fighting the bosses it helps in engaging the player more in the fight and makes the experience more immersive, there was one special soundtrack that started working the very first time you visited Yahar’gul. This soundtrack was full of creepy enchanting plus fighting weird and strong monsters made the atmosphere creepier.


To Sum it all up, Bloodborne is a new experience in the souls series and a new approach to a different style which I loved and wish there would be a sequel in the future.

Bloodborne Review
It's a must for any souls fan
level Design8.5
  • Monsters Design
  • Interesting NPCs
  • Eerie Atmosphere
  • Inconsistent Camera
  • Some Huge monsters have repetitive models
8.5Overall Score