A Flawable Remake with A Nostalgic Ending

I didn’t get the chance to play this game back in the old days when it was first released on the PS1, had the chance to play only a portion of it after borrowing the disc from my neighbor and to my surprise it was a because I demo disc of the game and not the full one, so the remake is considered my first time to play MediEvil.

I played plenty of remakes and this one got me mixed feelings about it, sometimes I say it’s bad and maybe the worst remake ever (you will know the reason later), and sometimes I say it’s a well done remake (you will also know the reason later), so anyways let’s jump right into the review.


Set in the year 1286, an evil sorcerer named Zarok plots to take over the kingdom of Gallowmere with his undead army. You play as Sir Daniel Fortesque, the king’s knight and the hero who led an army that managed to kill Zarok. However, Dan was in reality struck down and killed by the first arrow fired in battle. But his army managed to win the war without him.

Moving on, a 100 years later, Zarok appears once again and casts a spell over Gallowmere to awaken his undead army. However, he unwittingly revives the corpse of Dan in the process. Dan uses this opportunity to defeat Zarok, save Gallowmere and earn his place as a true hero.

The Story is close to a childish fairy tale, so don’t expect a deep story or something. But the story isn’t the strong aspect in the game, on the other hand it’s the design and the gameplay.


The world of Gallowmere is beautiful, it has many areas to visit and it’s varied in nearly everything, meaning there are the Graveyards levels, Cemetary Hill, The Hilltop Mausoleum, Scarecrow Fields, Pumpking levels, The Sleeping Village, The Asylum levels, The Enchanted Earth, The Ant Caves, Pools of the Ancient Dead, The Lake, Crystal Caves, Gallows Gauntlet, The Haunted Ruins, The Ghost Ship, The Entrance hall, The Time Device and finally Zarok’s Lair

As you can see there are 20 levels and each has its own unique design, and even enemies have different shapes and abilities. There are certain levels that have optional bosses that you need to collect certain items in order to reach or fight them.

The Colors in the game are beautiful which attracts your attention to its details on the first glance.

The character design is funny in a good way, sometimes I laughed at how they look like and was also amazed by how they were creatively created. There are lots of bosses and creatures you will face throughout the whole game and each has its entry and description in the book of Gallowmere, so also make sure to check them.


You are a knight, so as a knight you have to get your hands on at least a sword, but this game is generous as it gives you the ability to carry 19 different weapons, varying from Sword, enchanted sword, magic sword, Axe, Hammer, Club, Throwing Daggers, Crossbow, Longbow, Flaming Longbow, Magic Longbow, Spear, Lightning and different types of shields. Oh I almost forgot, you can fight with your arm which is called “Dan’s Arm”, no am talking seriously you can fight with a skeleton’s arm, and throwable chickens that turn the enemies into chickens so you can eat and replenish your health (damn the creativity in this game).

Each weapon has its weakness and strengths against different types of enemies, so choose wisely. Also the hidden dragon armor is obtainable from an optional hidden boss and allows you to breathe fire so make sure to get your hands on it. You can buy ammo and enchant swords from merchants for gold so make sure also to collect enough gold.

So we praised the game right? Well let’s move on to the GODDAMNED, stupid and cursed camera in this game.

The Camera

Nothing to say about is except it’s bad, bad bad and considered the worst enemy in the game. If you consider the final boss a challenging enemy or something, well think again, because the camera is the worst enemy in the game as it sometimes blocks your view which results in cheap deaths for your character and imagine the rage and frustration you feel when you are on your last vial/health bottle and have to restart the whole level again, oh boy I had one or two of these &($;@($) moments. The Camera just doesn’t block your view, it also fucks your controls that make your character move in a very different direction than the one you are pressing your analog at. I heard that these issues were in the original game too, so I guess it has a feeling of nostalgia, but a bad one unfortunately.

Speaking of nostalgia, this game has an awesome surprise at the end if you get 100% ending of the game, which you must get in order to achieve the plat, and that they unlock the old original game for you. And Wow i was surprised and was so happy to see the difference which made me feel very grateful to the devs for this nice gesture.

If you want to know how to unlock the original game follow these steps exactly:

  1. Level: Entrance Hall – take the right path downstairs and open the blue chest to unlock Lost Souls. These Souls will give you riddles and you must place the souls in specific places throughout the game to lay them to rest. There are 19 Lost Souls in total.
  2. You’ll notice every level now has an “S” icon on the map, this signals whether the Lost Soul has been found there or not. You’ll have to replay all levels for these.
  3. After All 19 Lost Souls have been located and put to rest, go to the Main Menu to unlock the original PS1 game version! It has the original graphics of the original game and is compatible with the PS4 Controller. Enjoy!


Well nothing special about it, but the more you get deep in the game, the more you get attached to the rhythm of the soundtracks.


At the end I can say that this game is a remake full of flaws but has a nostalgic surprise at the end. If you have never played the original game (like me) then you must try it and enjoy its varied gameplay mechanics. But if you played the original then I recommend to wait until it’s cheaper and try it to enjoy the enhanced graphics.

MediEvil Review
Try it if you are a newcomer.
  • Character Design
  • Level Design
  • Different Types of Weapons and Armors
  • The Camera
  • The Goddamned Camera
  • Clunky Controls made by the Stupid Camera
7.5Overall Score