Clunky controls are punishing us

To be frank, this game isn’t good at all, don’t get me wrong as it isn’t abysmal or the worst game ever, but it isn’t just that good.

I know that this game is 5 years old, but wanted to give it a try to see how a sherlock’s game can be.


You play as Sherlock Holmes in Six different cases in this game, as usual you are given these cases by your favorite “Lastrade” and solve them using the help of “Dr.Watson”. The cases aren’t related to each other in the story, so that means once you finish a case and find the suspect, you move on to another case with another story and another suspects.

The cases aren’t that good and lacks innovation, not all of them as I enjoyed 2 of them very much, which were the shortest among them, and I realized that the longer the case, the more it gets boring and tedious, but don’t get me wrong on this one, it doesn’t mean that it’s boring that the puzzles are repetitive, on the contrary the puzzles are varied and interesting but they are easy, except five or six ones that gave me hard time through my Walkthrough.


The Game itself has some interesting mechanics like arranging the conclusions inside your head in a menu, and each case has its own conclusions, but unfortunately they get boring each time you use them more, and that’s because of the easiness of the game and the lack of game over screens in the game. So what does that mean?

The game doesn’t have a game over screen, seriously, and you can’t lose in this game, when interrogating a suspect you sometimes have an option to give a certain answer to the suspect in order to negate his alibi or confront him with his lies. Anyways when giving the answer, if it’s wrong, a friendly message appears asking you to give the correct answer, and the sequence starts again, so it means it’s a trial and error if you don’t know the answer, and this got me losing interest in the game.

Even at the end of the case if you choose the wrong suspect you can redo the last section and choose a better conclusion which overall makes the experience easy and not immersive.

You control Sherlock in a third person view, and believe me the movement is tedious and very very bad, when he moves he swings his shoulders like a cabaret dancer, and doesn’t move like any human being does.

The Running animation is a catastrophe and it’s better for you to walk instead of running because he is very slow even while running.

The Camera is clunky and sometimes it suddenly changes which, in return makes your character moves in another wrong direction you didn’t intend to go to.


In each case of the six ones, you play in different areas except the ones that you have to always get back to which is 221Baker Street, AKA Sherlock’s Apartment.

The areas are good and each one fits right into the case you are solving.
For example: the case in the greenhouse makes a good area to investigate in, also the case in the bath and visiting ancient Archaeological site.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments_20140929101833

On the other hand, the character design wasn’t good at all, and it didn’t give me the feeling to get attached to anyone, even Watson who is supposed to be a main character, didn’t feel like he has a big role in the game, and that Sherlock is the only hero and he does all the work required in the game.
Even the section where you have to replace between both of them in order to escape the tomb isn’t that good. And that was the only time I nearly used Watson in the whole game.


Forgettable music and nearly didn’t catch my attention at all, I even don’t remember most of it, although I just finished the game.


Give this game a try you may like it, but in my opinion, I didn’t like it or get attached to at all, I’m going to play the next installment in this series which is called “The Devil’s Daughter” and I hope it would be a better experience than this one.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments Review
Not an essential game to play.
  • Level Design
  • Sherlock Holmes Voice Acting
  • Gameplay Mechanics' Good Potential, but...
  • ...Wasted because of the forgiving (non game over) gameplay
  • Clunky Controls and Bad Character Design
  • Some Long Boring Cases
5.5Overall Score