The Devil beat his own Crimes and Punishments

I must say that this part is waaaaay better than the previous one, and why is that? let’s begin telling the answer


The story is way better and it has a common shared story between the 5 cases you play in this game as it’s related to Sherlock’s daughter.

Also there’s a certain part at the beginning of a certain case which requires you to inspect a room in a house which is full of witchcraft and some eerie creepy spiritualism atmosphere like the ones we see in creepy cult related horror movies(no spoilers but believe me this part got me nervous and I liked it very much)

Also I liked that they concentrated on the psychological part of Sherlock Holmes, which puts him in serious difficult situations and makes you witness a side of him never seen before.

The cases are far more entertaining and enjoyable unlike the long and boring cases in the previous part.

So I liked that there’s much more care in the details of the story with much more care with the characters’ story and overall background and that made the experience better.


The Gameplay is the same as the previous game with the deductions mechanism and the no “Game Over” screen but with less cases as this part has only 5 cases(actually 4 cases and the last one being a revelation to Sherlock’s daughter story).

So where is the fun in a gameplay that looks like its predecessor’s gameplay?

Actually the Developers focused on polishing the game rather than adding new mechanics, so for example they cared for the puzzles and made them varied and need some time to solve them but they aren’t that hard.

they also cared for the graphics and made the characters’ face models more appealing and IMO better.

they also added too many mini game sections inside cases which require you to make different actions with different game mechanics to go through the case (or just skip them if you would like which removes the immersion away)

The mini games vary from playing as Wiggins to chase a suspect, or catching a scent of an item using the best nose in England, “Toby”

Or perhaps play with both Holmes and Watson to evade the arrows shot by a killer or help each other reaching closed places.

Sometimes you control Holmes to escape a killer hunting you or solve a series of ancient Mayan puzzles or simply play the finale in a tournament of Lawn Bowls.

And last but not least, make an exorcism (seriously this happens in the game).


Although it isn’t varied in the environments like its predecessor. The Environment design felt right at home with each case, for example the Mayan murder case with its Mayan Archaeological site felt like I was really in the tombs and passing its traps myself.

Also the aforementioned creepy place is what gave me the feeling that this game is exploring new aspects in the life of Sherlock by giving it a taste of horror which was a welcome addition to the series.

The character Design is good and face models are somehow realistic and of course better than its predecessor design.


Finally some good music in Holmes Games. The soundtrack in this one caught my ear the first time I visited the deduction screen, and with each different place I visit a different music starts playing which felt right at home.


This game is a must for any Sherlock Holmes Fan, and if not a fan you should play it.

Not only that it has a very interesting story, but also some interesting puzzles that will make your mind spin.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Review
A must for any Sherlock Holmes Fan
  • Good Story
  • Great Level Design
  • Some Challenging Puzzles
  • Same Gameplay With Same Old Mechanics
  • Long Loading Screens
  • Shorter Game and Less Cases
8Overall Score